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Occupy the PGA Report

On Saturday approximately 200 Occupy the PGA protesters marched 2 1/2 miles through Benton Harbor to the golf course. More showed up as the day wore on. The Death March was slow and solemn with an intermittent drum beat. Four pall bearers carried a casket with “Benton Harbor Residents” banners on each side.

Rev. Pinkney called the event a great victory for the people of Benton Harbor. With one caveat: A small number of BH residents, hired to direct traffic, etc., were verbally abused by PGA attendees on at least several occasions – in one incident, people said they did not want “niggers telling them where to park or where to drive.” Pinkney believes they must have been from Berrien County.

Of the many international “occupiers,” Diego Contreras said, “In Mexico, Whirlpool is doing the same thing.” Many marchers held anti-KitchenAid, anti-Whirlpool, anti-PGA, and anti-PA4 (Emergency Managers) signs.

The march ended on the beach with speakers including Rev. Pinkney;
Rev. Floyd Harris from Fresno, CA;
Ralph Poynter from Brooklyn, NY;
Marian Kramer & Maureen Taylor-Michigan Welfare Rights Org., Detroit;
Abayomi Azikiwe-Pan-African Newswire, Detroit;
Sundiata Sadiq, New York;
Jan G., Ohio (was arrested five yrs. ago for protesting the PGA);
Daniel Lee, Los Angeles, CA; and
Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for US president.

On Friday night law enforcement officials attempted to remove Rev. Pinkney and a group he was walking with from public sidewalks. It ended in heated confrontation and may result in a lawsuit Rev. Pinkney will file.

7 minute video report from Free Speech TV:

Corporate Media (some with photos) on Occupy the PGA:

Call Rev. Pinkney anytime

Friday’s events

During the week of Occupy the PGA, Benton Harbor Police chief Roger Lange attempted to push Rev. Pinkney into a confrontation.

On Friday May 25 at approximately 7pm, Pinkney and 10 others were refused access to a public sidewalk near the Harbor Shores golf course. They were surrounded and escorted by 15 police officers (thugs for Whirlpool). Lange said they needed a ticket to walk on the (public) sidewalk.

Pinkney’s group stood up for their rights as best as they could, and the situation became heated. It was clear that the police were hoping for confrontation.

Pinkney, losing all respect for Lange, will no longer support him. Pinkney says that the police are no longer working in service of the people, and he will not speak to residents on behalf of the police department. Their behavior was shameful and disrespectful of the residents.

One person was given a ticket for sounding a bicycle horn in Jean Klock Park.

Pinkney plans to file suit, to protect the people’s constitutional rights, against Lange, BH Police Dept., the PGA, Whirlpool, and KitchenAid.

Occupy the PGA a Great Success

The Death March from Benton Harbor City Hall to the golf course on stolen land yesterday was exciting. People from all over the US and the world participated. Represented were Colorado, NY, Vermont, Denmark, Mexico, Columbia, Costa Rica, and more.

It was a non-violent and powerful protest of gentrification, exploitation, and the undermining of democracy and human rights by Harbor Shores, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, PGA, and the state of Michigan and local government. And, the Berrien County Court and county law enforcement which terrorize (not too strong a word) Benton Harbor residents on a daily basis.

Concerned citizens of Benton Harbor demand: Transfer 25% of the 2012 Senior PGA profits to the citizens of Benton Harbor as partial rightful compensation for stolen land and water and for the purpose of meeting budget deficits and building affordable housing for the people of Benton Harbor.

Occupy The PGA – Modified Plans

Thurs. & Fri., May 24 & 25 – Rally only
Arrive between 10 – 10:30am, Benton Harbor City Hall, 200 E. Wall St.

Death March Sat. May 26 (Big Day), possibly Sun. also
Arrive between 10-10:30am
We encourage protesters to wear all black
Sat. & Sun: Bring Kites if possible.

Occupy the PGA Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 23rd, is the first day of Occupy the PGA in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

If you need camping or hotel accomodations, do not hesitate to call Rev. Pinkney at 269-925-0001.

Occupy The PGA – Finalized Plans

Death March everyday: May 23-27 (big day: Sat. May 26)
We encourage protesters to wear all black if possible, everyday.
Arrive between 10 – 10:30am, Benton Harbor City Hall, 200 E. Wall St.

Sat. & Sun: Bring kites if possible.
Demonstrate in protest of land stolen by Whirlpool Corporation. Twitter HashTag #OccupyThePGA

An outline to fully understand the gravity of the Benton Harbor situation:
Outline of a Travesty

Finalized Plans

We’re asking protesters to wear all black if possible, every day.

May 23-27 (big day: Sat. May 26)
Demonstrate in protest of land stolen by Whirlpool Corporation

Death March every day:
Arrive between 10 – 10:30am, Benton Harbor City Hall, 200 E. Wall St.

Sat. & Sun:
Bring kites if possible.

Twitter HashTag #OccupyThePGA & Facebook Event Page

Breaking News: Press Release, Demand Letter, and Statement from Occupy the PGA

Today Occupy the PGA sent a letter to The Senior PGA and The PGA of America demanding acknowledgment and restitution of grievances of the residents of Benton Harbor against Harbor Shores. Here is the press release, the demand letter, and the supporting statement which outlines 20 years of manipulation and deception.





It is our distinct honor and privilege to invite you on behalf of BANCO to an event scheduled for May 23-27, 2012.

Occupy The PGA
Benton Harbor, Michigan
Senior PGA Golf Tournament

We are committed to escalating the Occupy Movement to support human rights in housing in addition to the push back against bailouts for fraudulent banks. They are stealing our homes and our lives.

Democracy is non-existent here in Benton Harbor. Joseph Harris, the Emergency Manager, must go. We have a dictator in Benton Harbor, Michigan!

The PGA will be played on a $750 million, 530 acre resort near Lakeshore with a Jack Nicklaus Signature designer golf course and with $500,000 condominiums. We cannot forget the three golf holes in the stolen land inside Jean Klock Park.

If your schedule permits your attendance is needed on May 26, 2012. Alternative action dates are May 23-25. Please let know if you can accept the invitation to Occupy The PGA in Benton Harbor.

We will meet at Benton Harbor City Hall, 200 Wall St. at 10:00am every day. Then we will March to the golf course! We will have speakers and food.

For more information contact:
Rev. Edward Pinkney

Breaking News

Last night the BH city commission, 4 to 2, carried out a Vote of No Confidence regarding the PGA tournament to be held in Benton Harbor, May 23-27.

City commissioner Dennis Knowles was quoted by WNDU as saying: “The reason I voted against the PGA is because of the non-inclusiveness of the residents that live in the city, the inner city….I’m saying that these people need a chance, in my neighborhood…they need a chance.”


Occupy the PGA!

It is our distinct honor to invite you on behalf of the NAACP-BH, the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization (BANCO), and Stop The Take Over in Benton Harbor, Michigan to an event scheduled for May 23-27, 2012.

Occupy the PGA!

Benton Harbor, Michigan

Senior PGA Golf Tournament

May 23-May 27

March on May 26, 10am, from City Hall (200 Wall St.) to Jean Klock Park Beach

We are committed to escalating the Occupy Movement to support human rights in housing in addition to the push back against bailouts for fraudulent banks. They are stealing our homes and lives. Democracy is non-existent here in Benton Harbor. Joseph Harris, the Emergency Manager imposed by the Governor, must go!  With pride, he called himself a “dictator.” 

The PGA will be played on a $750 million dollar, 530-acre resort near the lakeshore with $500,000 condominiums. We cannot forget the three golf holes inside Jean Klock Park that were taken from the residents of Benton Harbor.

Allow me to thank you in advance. We the residents of Benton Harbor love you!

President/NAACP/BANCO & Stop The Take Over Benton Harbor
Rev. Edward Pinkney
1940 Union St.
Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022
Tel: 269-925-0001

Decolonize Benton Harbor!

Download and distribute the flyer!