Occupy the PGA Report

On Saturday approximately 200 Occupy the PGA protesters marched 2 1/2 miles through Benton Harbor to the golf course. More showed up as the day wore on. The Death March was slow and solemn with an intermittent drum beat. Four pall bearers carried a casket with “Benton Harbor Residents” banners on each side.

Rev. Pinkney called the event a great victory for the people of Benton Harbor. With one caveat: A small number of BH residents, hired to direct traffic, etc., were verbally abused by PGA attendees on at least several occasions – in one incident, people said they did not want “niggers telling them where to park or where to drive.” Pinkney believes they must have been from Berrien County.

Of the many international “occupiers,” Diego Contreras said, “In Mexico, Whirlpool is doing the same thing.” Many marchers held anti-KitchenAid, anti-Whirlpool, anti-PGA, and anti-PA4 (Emergency Managers) signs.

The march ended on the beach with speakers including Rev. Pinkney;
Rev. Floyd Harris from Fresno, CA;
Ralph Poynter from Brooklyn, NY;
Marian Kramer & Maureen Taylor-Michigan Welfare Rights Org., Detroit;
Abayomi Azikiwe-Pan-African Newswire, Detroit;
Sundiata Sadiq, New York;
Jan G., Ohio (was arrested five yrs. ago for protesting the PGA);
Daniel Lee, Los Angeles, CA; and
Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for US president.

On Friday night law enforcement officials attempted to remove Rev. Pinkney and a group he was walking with from public sidewalks. It ended in heated confrontation and may result in a lawsuit Rev. Pinkney will file. http://bhbanco.blogspot.com/2012/05/police-whirlpool-etc-make-public.html

7 minute video report from Free Speech TV:

Corporate Media (some with photos) on Occupy the PGA:

Call Rev. Pinkney anytime

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