Occupy the PGA flier

Occupy the PGA flier

click here for PDF flier

8 thoughts on “Occupy the PGA flier

  1. Mike Badzioch says:

    I can’t attend but you have my support

  2. Leigh Emerson Smith says:

    Occupy!! You GO! South Florida supports ya’ll

  3. jeff says:

    Golfers are all just rich douchebags….OCCUPY!!!

  4. esther kingston-mann says:

    I support the occupation – -wish I weren’t so far away!

  5. Bonnie Kreps says:

    I can’t be there, but I’ll be sending you cheers from Wyoming.

  6. Jill Bourdon says:

    Keep up the good work! It is scary that Gov Snyder has overridden the elected leaders of Benton Harbor. Did he have existing, long standing MI laws that allowed him to do so?? If not, he and the extreme Republicans need to shut their mouth and be voted out of office…..they thing Barack Obama is taking over our healthcare??

    Now Benton Harbor….get backing, get good money in there and start up some businesses. People NEED work and lots of troubles will go away. Step UP!

  7. Richard Jones says:

    If you don’t believe Fascism is alive in America, read this… In 1917 Jean & Carrie Klock deeded highly desirable lakefront land to the children of Benton Harbor, MI to enjoy for free ‘Forever’ in honor of their daughter (a copy of the actual deed is on Wikipedia). As part of a Republican orchestrated “Emergency Management” scheme, one “Czar” has dissolved Benton Harbor’s entirely elected officials, taken over this land and turned it over to a private enterprise funded by Whirlpool Corp to create a Country Club for the 1%!!! Mussolini coined the phrase “Fascisti.” It means “Corporate Run State.” We’re more familiar with the term Fascism. If this situation does not represent the epitome of Fascism, then what the hell does? I urge all American Citizens, Republicans, Democrats, Independents to cry out against this indignity being foisted on the defenseless and powerless residents of Benton Harbor and all other cities and towns in MI being subjected to this merciless assault. In WWII we fought and defeated these fanatical tyrants “over there.” Apparently now it’s time to take them on again, fight and defeat them “over here”!

  8. dan rynberg says:

    BentonHarbor is the nastiest piece of “Walker-type” thuggery known to me. Shame on their white stealing asses!!

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